if you dont try you will never suceed

The point is I want to be your friend that helps u through everything but I also want to be the person that is always there in your life and will love u forever and all I need is someone else that will do the same thing for me

If I could write u a song in the stars
I’d write it about how I always wanted to be by your side

I always fuck up everything and always fall so hard and can’t help it cuz it hurts me because I know u probly want nothing from me but it doesn’t change how I think u are amazing and the best person I have ever met in my life

i think u are the most amazing person ive ever met you are beautiful and your personality i absolutly love

My new sounds:

Feeling empty inside is like no other feeling there is no sadness no happiness no anger or fear nothing at all and it scares me cuz with out any of those things I’ve lost my self and have no one to blame for it but my self this is why stay out of my life because all I am is a living hell

This view :)

This view :)